Peyote is known to cause “visual hallucinations or color visions, as well as kinesthetic, olfactory, and auditory derangements.”

The name “Peyote Visions” comes from the stylistic direction I hope to take in the blog, one which focuses on looking at the world differently, while remaining natural and placing value in tradition and history. I’m interested in more than just sneakers, more than just music etc. and I get sick of all the websites that stick to a single subject, so I’m working on compiling all of my influences into one source that functions as more of a lifestyle blog than anything else in particular.

Growing up I lived in Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, San Francisco, Atlanta, and finally moved to Southern California in fourth grade. I left California for high school, choosing to go to Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire for four years. After graduating in 2011, I took a semester off and went back to Australia with a friend from school for several months. While there I spent time with family (I’m half Australian), worked on a sheep station in the outback, then took a road trip to Sydney for a marketing internship with Australian Wool Innovation. When I returned to the states in December of 2011 I began studying at Emerson college and working for New Balance. Last July I took a month vacation from New Balance and had a short internship for the design studio of Atelier Roger Pfund in Switzerland before returning to Emerson for school.

I can be contacted at peyotevsn@gmail.com


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