Those NB’s New Balance Flagstaff Store Video

Those NB’s recently released a video highlighting the New Balance New York City Experience Store and an interview with assistant manager Anthony Hernandez. As an employee of Boston Experience Store I love seeing what it’s like at our sister store in New York.


“The 10 Best Liberty Collaborations In Recent Years” by

LibertyLondon__jpg_480x290_crop_q85 has released a list of the top ten collaborations with Liberty of London. Liberty is one of my favorite stores in the world, having been taken there since I was a baby to shop with my mother, and it always excites me to see them working with other familiar brands. Thanks to the work they’ve done with brands like Supreme, Liberty is becoming much more well known in the States.

40 Oz. Vans “KIDS NY Hat”


This hat from 40 Oz. is on point!!! I love the movie “Kids” which came out in the 90’s, directed by Larry Clark, and is a poignant, raw portrayal of intercity New York teenagers. The oh-so-lovable Casper wears a similar joint through the movie and I fell in love with it when I saw it. I have spent hours trying to find a matching version online, so you can imagine this is a must cop for me that almost made me drop my computer when I saw it. They can be bought at for $40.00

The Windmill Club Lookbook


The Windmill Club, a new label entering the shirting market, dropped their new lookbook today and DAMN I’m impressed. Titled “She said, ‘Don’t make others suffer for your personal hatred.'” it’s shot on stunning 35 mm film in Los Angeles. I’m really into their first looks as they manage to blend classic and contemporary styles seamlessly in a minimal style that still makes a lot of noise in a crowded room. The direction they’re taking is a strong one, and I’m into the description offered by founder Kevin Burrows; “Tanned. Broken P3s. Oxford cloth. Anglo. Burnt out. Fucked up Monograms. Sun bleached gods. Colophons. Unit 00. Battered luggage. Ocelot. Nomads. Field team. The coast. Rugged twill. Acid Americana. Peyote prep. Shamanistic Sportswear.”

Their first oxford, available in white and blue, is for sale on their site for $175.00 with free domestic shipping. More lookbook images after the jump.

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Jewelry Store Shoot by Sam Massey



A shoot taken by Sam Massey of our trip to the jewelry store for some gold fronts. Styles include Bathing Ape vest, Dertbag sweatshirt, and Raised by Wolves Balaclava. Click his name for more of his shots from his blog.

Géométrick Caps



These new five-panels from Paris based company “Géométrick” are incredible. Created from vintage Hermes and Celine scarves, each of these hats is a one-off original. I’d love to get my hands of a few pieces from this company, this shirt available from Colette is on point as well. Check out other versions of the cap after the jump, and head over to Storm Fashion if you want to drop €355 ($485 USD)

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Closure of OriginalFake and Mastermind Japan

Closing Image

Well it’s been confirmed, after 7 years OriginalFake will be closing. KAWS announced:

“May 2013 marks the seventh year anniversary of OriginalFake, and it is at this time that Medicom Toy and I have chosen to close the shop and company. It’s been an amazing opportunity to work with Medicom Toy on this project as well as working with Masamichi Katayama of Wonder Wall to create the interior of the shop and Konno of Nexus7 who’s incredible talent really added sophistication to the clothing that we produced. I really want to thank the staff in production as well as in our shop. If you ever entered our shop you already know how awesome they are! I would also like to thank all the companies that collaborated with us, your friendship and support has always really meant a lot, and to everyone who has supported OriginalFake,THANK YOU! and I hope to see you all in the next chapter! #kaws #originalfake”

Pretty self-explanatory, but definitely a disappointment for some. Personally I have a bittersweet feeling about it. OriginalFake can be considered a huge success for their presence and innovation in the fashion industry, and the idea to close their doors before becoming stale is one I approve of. When a label has run it’s course you can decide to leave the doors open until the last possible day, or close them early and leave the game with love. This move isn’t exactly new. Mastermind Japan’s founder Honma Masaaki has made the same decision earlier this year to close his doors at the end of 2013, following the label’s 15th anniversary. Before that, (N)umber (N)ine chose to disband while still very popular, citing similar reasons. 2013 will be a pricy year for me, as I look to buy a few pieces from each company before it’s too late. Check out some of my favorite pieces from each label’s archives after the jump, and let me know how you feel about the choice in the comments.

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